Deus Ex Human Revolution: Kill Nobody run vs Kill Em All run

Immersive sims allow the player to express themselves within their systems. If I want to be a cool guy who upgrades his pistol and shoots dudes in the head, I can do that. If I wanna be a clever ninja who cloaks and jumps really high, I can do that. If I wanna build my character so he only cares about throwing vending machines at people, I can do that. I can, to some extent, customize my experience and play with the systems in my own personal way.

Many immersive sims allow the player to play through the entirety of their stories without killing a single person. Deus Ex Human Revolution is one such immersive sim.

However, DX:HR also allows you to go the opposite direction. If you so wish, you can kill almost every single character in the entire game. The only exceptions are plot-critical characters who live in Sarif industries, where the player’s weapons and combat skills are removed.

Inspired by my friend Justin (who has, as far back as I can remember, reveled in massacring as many innocent, virtual people as possible in every game he picks up), I tried to complete two different DX:HR playthroughs: one where I killed nobody, and one where I killed everybody.

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Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Gnome Run

An oldie, but a goodie. If you could make it all the way to the end of HL2:E2 while holding a gnome, you’d get an achievement.

This was made significantly more difficult by the fact that the gnome was an object just like any other in the game, and therefore susceptible to all the weird physics movements as any other piece of random detritus. Throw a grenade in the wrong spot? The gnome might go airborne. Need to get into a car? You’d better find some way to wedge the gnome into the chassis, and pray it never falls out.

This particular chronicle of a gnome playthrough is written by Tom Francis because fuck it.

Shadow of Mordor permadeath no-upgrades run

I just successfully completed this run a few hours ago, and it was surprisingly fun.

Basically, just try to get through the entire game without dying, and only snagging the basically mandatory tier 1 upgrades (execute people from stealth, shoot fires and barrels to make them explode). You can also upgrade the rune slots on your weapons, because killing orcs to get powerful runes is one of the most fun parts of the game.

More notes after the jump.

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Animal Crossing Purgatory

Submitted by tumblr user whatamiwatching:

Haven’t seen this on the blog yet and just found it today. I’m not sure that it’s entirely playing the game in a way that wasn’t meant, since there’s not a lot of agency in Animal Crossing anyway, but it’s a great perspective on the game and a pretty funny read.

The story follows the author’s Animal Crossing character as he slowly uncovers the disturbing Orwellian state of the town and develops conspiracy theories on characters and their apparent overlord, Tom Nook. He uses the game systems in some funny unintended ways, like crafting his own camo clothes to hide from residents, or using pitfalls as traps in case the town guard dogs come after him. Mostly he redefines the innocent AC story through some hilarious and elaborate paranoia.

I don’t know if it exactly fits the blog topic since the writer clearly starts making stuff up after a while, manufacturing notes and stories to further the plot along, but it’s still really entertaining. 

Diablo 2 Monsters are Dirty Run

Submitted by tumblr user :

There’s a Diablo 2 playthrough by a Youtuber named kazeugma using the Necromancer where he doesn’t click on a single (dirty) monster (and if he accidentally does, he has to change gloves).  Youtube playlist here.

To me, what really makes this run hilarious is the fact that the player removes his gloves if he ever touches a monster on accident. It’s like he’s roleplaying a mass-murdering aristocrat who can’t bear to endure physical contact with his inferiors.

Grand Theft Auto 4 played with minimal “crimes”

From tumblr user Numaner:

This seems to be possible only in GTA4 and not other GTA’s, but myself and a few others on the GameFAQs community played through GTA4 while accruing the least possible stats for the Crimes section, getting 100% in completion.

There are no videos, but it’s been documented here, and there’s a proper FAQ here.

Plenty of spoilers there, obviously, but it was a very creative way to get through the game. I found myself enjoying diving out of cars right before it hit my target.

Digital: A Love Story realism mode

From tumblr user aaronki3:

This is mildly goofy, but I decided to implement “Realism Rules” when I started playing Digital: A Love Story. I only allow myself to dial in to each BBS twice a day to read/reply to messages (once during breakfast, once before bed), plus I can’t dial in if anyone in the house is talking on the phone. I think the result is that I’m a lot more invested in the story and I find myself anxiously worrying about the happenings on the boards during the day. Will I have any new messages from my friends today? Is tonight the night that I finally find *Paris? Will I ever hear from *Emilia again?

I never thought I would roleplay the limitations of dial-up for fun, but I was really influenced by this comic that I came across the day I started playing. Both it and Digital are hitting me pretty hard and I imagine everyone who grew up on the internet prior to the Social Media blitz has a similar story.

Plus, I think those modem sounds just did weird things to the nostalgia center of my brain.

Sent by tumblr user Stephan:

My submission would be that of a mirror mod challenge run for Dark Souls by a 22yo german LPer. By installing the mod he kind of crashed the game’s graphics: although the map is indeed mirrored you can also see a varying ghost image of the original map. Apart from making this some unique challenge (even if it could somehow be reproduced by someone else), this is at times beautiful to look at in it’s chaotic way and challenging to watch even. As a consequence and bonus, numerous satisfying failures ensue.